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The E=WAY System comprises 55 miles of existing rail incorporating 24 neighborhood stations. Each station includes a platform, Warming House, Park & Ride lot, and "Spirit of Place" exhibits. 

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Milwaukee E=Way Commuter Rail System

The Milwaukee E-Way Commuter Rail System is a sustainable commuter rail network and real estate development project for the Southeast Wisconsin Region. This Private Public Partnership (PPP) planned and developed by Transit Innovations (TI) focuses specifically on reconnecting our neighborhoods via a modern commuter rail system in the metro areas and disadvantaged neighborhoods of Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. The network is built on 55 miles of existing Canadian Pacific & Union Pacific infrastructure including rail, bridges, crossings, and operations, with a majority of key "trip generators” such as major employment centers, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues located along the line.


The E=Way was inspired by the project vision of TI to build upon and revitalize the economic prospects for all neighborhood stations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Choices in transit will stimulate a larger economic impact in the region stemming from investment along the rail corridors. The E-Way provides needed access to jobs and industry, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues. Improving mobility spurs community connectedness and quality of life.

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