The most important thing about this commuter rail system is that it is going to be Privately- Funded.

The Starter-Line for the system is a 58-Mile network. Please see map for detail route. This route uses exiting rail infrastructure and has a majority of key "trip generators" located on the line. These trips generators include major employment, entertainment and educations centers. 


As the route map shows, the E-Way delivers needed commuter rail services to the Greater Milwaukee area, with expansion capacity to the seven county region. This system comprises the use of State of the Art rail cars built by Bombardier Transportation and maintain right here in Milwaukee. There are 24 community stations along this route. Each station has modern facilities to accommodate rider/user needs to make your commuter and travel experience a safe and pleasurable one.


Safety is a priority with Transit Innovations, as a result, we have instituted a 24/7 patrol and monitoring program. In addition, we have a working partnership with the local law enforcement communities.


In addition to providing a connection to employment and an estimated $1.3 billion dollar impact to the region, the E-Way contains a TOD Development to provide Milwaukee residents not only a quality commuting experience but also access to high density housing, mixed use development and greater economic development.


What is a TOD Development?


TOD stands for – Transit Oriented Development


*Principles of a TOD


  • Increased property value

  • Lower parking ratios

  • Higher liveable density

  • Planned connectivity with neighborhood stations

  • Integrity of design

  • Sustainable rates of return

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