The E- Way is a development spearheaded by Transit Innovations, LLC, in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation.

Who's involved?


The Milwaukee Passenger Rail Company (MPRC) and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Transit Innovations, LLC is the business holding company for TOD, LLC and MPRC, LLC. It is important to note however, that there is no cross liability between the two companies and they are not connected through common ownership.


TOD was launched in 2008 as a group of committed businessmen and women to coordinate and implement a most innovative economic development project in Southeastern Wisconsin. It has also formed a number of key partnerships on the real estate development side of the E-Way project. These partnerships include:

Fiscal Management

  • CITI Group has provided Indicative Terms & Terms to Closing

  • Castle Placement – New York investment banking firm

  • Key local investors who have an interest in seeing this project succeed

  • Community based interest groups who support the overall project and have given us their overwhelming verbal support

  • Business owners and leaders who have offered both verbal and financial support

  • Large local businesses who have offered to be part of an investor consortium

Regional Partnerships

The E-Way will use the existing track and infrastructure currently in place and owned by Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific freight companies. Track Lease Rights drive down the capital cost of building such a system. Transit Innovations has presented plans and shared information with each carrier and accomplished key tasks presented to them in order to move the project forward.  These key tasks needed to be accomplished prior to negotiations for market rate access to the rail easements.

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